Friday Fictioneers: The Sentinel

At Rich’s request, I joined in on another Friday Fictioneers.  If you want to be a team player, join in on the fun HERE.

I’d dare you but you don’t have anything I want.  Hmm…or do you???  Sniff sniff.  Is that-….oh nevermind.  It’s not.  Bummer.

Copyright-Janet Webb

The Sentinel

The storm.

Countless lives were swept away by the beast’s rampage, children taken from their mothers by it’s strong hands.

But I took shelter here and the sentinel protected me.

I now sit inside it listening to it’s words as the strong wind breathes life into them, the creaks and moans like a lullaby that can calm any fear.

The light streams down from holes in it’s battered frame revealing the shimmering angels that live here. They have not been swept away, in death they have also found solace here.  To the ones they love most they will always be invisible but I see them.  I listen.  And like them I will always remember-

The sentinel.


28 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Sentinel

  1. This is a nice scary story. One point though, I think perhaps a comma after “battered frame” would give more emphasis to ” revealing the shimmering angels that live here.”
    which is a great line.
    Good take on the prompt, I enjoyed reading.

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