Reader Interview: Jennifer Rhodes

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Meet Jennifer Rhodes!

She’s an avid reader and loves books.  She’s also a military gal, which I totally admire and she looks super cute with a gun.  I know-I’ve seen pictures.  Rawr…

Pay attention all you authors, she represents the people we want to see and hear us the most-the reader.  So stop looking at the woman in the header’s breasts and get ready to find out more about this awesome lady!


What is your favorite book?

I can’t pick just one book as I have a series that I absolutely love. It’s the Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian. The books are so detailed and each one leaves off right where you ended it but talks about another character as the main person in the book. It’s Vampire Genre but each book is about a Vampire finding their bond they are meant to be with along with kicking some ass on the way. 🙂

What makes or breaks a book?

For me it would have to be a slow beginning. If a book starts off slow it’s not going to interest me into finishing it. I have to be locked from the beginning with some action or love scene or something that will grab my attention and make me want to continue.

What is your life goal(s)?

To open up my own bookstore and live a life of helping people and being happy. I want to see my son grow up and fulfill his dreams. But mostly I just want to find my purpose in life and live every moment instead of wasting it.

Who is your favorite author?

V.C. Andrews is my all-time favorite author. My mom gave me some of her books when I was in high school and I’ve been collecting them ever since. Her books always start off with a sad story but at the end of each series, there is always a happy ending which makes me believe that anyone who has a bad life can turn it around. I am proof of that happening. You just have to want it bad enough.

What genre do you enjoy reading and why?

I am mostly into the Immortal Romance books. I love the mystery and other world type scenery and just to be able to take myself to another world and dream of a different fantasy is part of my coping method with stress.

What is the worst book you’ve ever read?

The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine. I liked how the books had individuality and a great dream world. But the pace was just way too slow and I had to get through chapters that just didn’t interest me in order to get to any good parts.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

That would have to be the community. I love how whenever I don’t have anyone to talk to, I can blog about my problems and someone is always comforting and I can always find someone who is going through the same things as me. I can relate to them and have the same things in common.

Does it matter to you if a novel is self-published rather than by a traditional publisher?

No it doesn’t because I don’t buy books based on who the author is. If the book grabs my attention or looks interesting then I will buy it. I don’t care if the author is well known or not. If it turns out to be a good book then that is when I start to look at other things they have published or have out to read. 🙂

What is your preference? Printed books or ebooks?

I prefer printed books. Not that I don’t like electronics but there is something old fashioned about digging into a book and smelling the nice old cover or beautiful detail on the cover. If a book is good enough to where I would read it again, then I transfer it onto my Nook where I keep all of my good books for long trips. But the collectables or books that I really like, I keep on my book shelf. I still have your printed copies because I know I’m going to read them again.

What book would you love to see be turned into a movie?

Well the one that I was really excited about coming into a TV series was called The Secret Circle which the books were written by L.J. Smith. They started making the series when I was deployed but when I got back and started watching it on Netflix, I found out they only had the 1st season and that they weren’t planning on finishing it.

What things ruin a book for you?

For me it’s bad grammar. If I read a book and I can see misspelled words or the sentence is backwards, then it makes me want to edit the whole book and then I can’t get into the book because I’m too busy looking for other mistakes. All it takes is one and I will be going through the book with a toothpick. 🙂

What character from a book you read would you love to meet?

That would be Gabriel Noble from the book, Three Nights of Sin. It’s a romance about a woman who goes to him for help and she has to return three favors in return. He ends up seducing her throughout the whole book and breaking her pride as a well-known woman. But he falls for her and then realizes he doesn’t want any other man to have her. He is such a womanizer and I love how he talks in the book. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Reader Interview: Jennifer Rhodes

  1. Awe thanks for the awesome interview. 🙂 I love how cool you made me sound lol. Also I finished test reading “Secret Scarlet” and should have feedback soon. 🙂

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  4. I have always loved Jennifer’s blog and now I got to know a little more about her through your interview-so thank you! She is an amazing, interesting person 🙂 This interview just brought out even more interesting aspects of her personality 🙂

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