Author Interview: T.L. Andersen

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Welcome back friends, nice to see your sexy mugs!

Are you pumped for another interview?! Ready to meet another awesome person?!  This week I’ve chosen another author but that won’t always be the case and if you want to be interviewed just give a holler.  Let me get to know you, I’m friendly I promise 🙂


Meet T.L. Andersen!

Andersen is a Secret Cravings author, writing primarily contemporary/medieval romance.  She has a few books under her belt (she’s trying to beat me hee hee).  Check out her books, The Sorceress of Savon and The Woodcutter King of Muladin. You can check her out as well (wink wink)  via FB or Tuesday Tales.  Just so’s you all know, I have a FB page as well that needs some love so give me a like cause I’m awesome.  You know you wanna do it, click my button, make me giggle 😉

Okay….so enough flirting and onto the interview (you’re distracting you know).  You want the dirt on this sexy lady now don’t you?  Ah huh….


1.  When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since I could figure out that I could put words together to make a story. My Mom has stories I’ve written since kindergarten.

2.  What’s harder to write, a beginning or an end?

It’s harder for me to write the beginning. I can always tie up everything in a neat little bow. I have a hard time getting a story off the ground that catches a reader’s attention.

3.  What is the best passage you have ever written?

From The Sorceress of Savon;

“Do not tell me my fate, my lady. My fate belongs to me. It is my fate. And my fate intertwined with yours when our son was conceived in your womb. Our fate is joined together and will wrap around our son’s when he is born. And my fate is not to be king. It is to love you. Where you go, I will be. You are all I have wanted all my life. Now that I have you I will not let you go.”

4.  What is your advice to newbie authors?

Never give up. Even when it seems pointless and it seems all you are doing is spinning your wheels, never stop believing in yourself. This has been the most amazing journey and I can honestly say I have loved every little bit of it.

5.  Who is your favorite character?

Without a doubt it is Sloan O’Riley. He is the most dimensional, most intriguing character I’ve written. He is the character that lives in my head. His original model was my grandfather so I think a little piece of my grandpa lives in him.

Keep an eye out for Andersen’s Black Irish, a romance you’ll definitely want to snag a copy of.  It’s due out in May, its two sequels coming out in August and November.

Come back next week to see who my next interview will be with!  It’s someone I can’t wait for you to meet!  She’s one of my favorite ladies and I know you’re gonna love her too! 


9 thoughts on “Author Interview: T.L. Andersen

  1. I know this author well. She has always been amazingly independent and very intelligent. She loved being read to as a baby and developed the skill of reading at the age of three. I think the blood in her veins has been replaced by equal parts words and caffeine. Keep on writing, my beautiful daughter. I am so proud!

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