Inside the mind of a fantasy writer


I decided to try some flash fiction.  I’m terrible at following other’s prompts, mostly because I like making up my own rules.  Hee hee.  Bad girls so rule…

Prickly against my hand are these dead branches, their broken ends like dull blades digging into my back.  It’s painful to stay here but I can’t move, I need this sanctuary to hide me.  My breath falls heavily, the fear in my chest eating every breath, leaving me struggling for what little air I can keep.  I try to hide the smoke that escapes from my lips with my hand, hoping to silence my loud breaths.

I can hear the sound of crackling leaves as someone steps upon them, their shoes crushing them beyond recognition.  This man wishes to do the same to me when he finds me.  I can smell his hunger, this madness that radiates off him like a hanging stench.

I have never before feared the light until he learned to capture it in his hand.  I begin to pray for God to protect me from him, to conceal this fear that this man hopes to feed on.

Closing my eyes I focus everything inward.  The footsteps get closer and closer, the light partially invading my prickly sanctuary.  I hold my hand over my mouth as I take my gasping breath hostage, my eyes open wide as the light falls upon….me.


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