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Different Strokes For Different Folks

Hmm…I have tried writing some poetry but I think it’s hard.

Yes, writing something short is hard.  Maybe I’m not so good at producing some beautiful piece about leaves or writing a hundred words describing love in a poetic way.

This leads me to believe we all may have a talent in writing but we aren’t good at all types of writing.  I, for example, am an author.  I love to write stories, love to be super long winded and make up witty conversations between characters.  I like my characters.  I like stories.  I don’t like delving into myself.

So, this made me think about the many different types of writers.  First, is the most common, the poet.  They are the people writing about love or sadness and write in those cute little two or three word lines that can be read quickly.  Sure there is always that underlying theme but it’s a fast read and more people will most likely read it.  Their writing is a lot of times touching, emotional and very beautiful to read aloud (most of the time anyway).

I envy that kind of writing skill!  I’m not a poet, even though I am the great Balthazar (har, har).  It makes up the majority of writers so it should seem the easiest, but to me it’s super hard.  Like, it takes me four hours to write, hard.

Second is the reporter.  They are the writers that write facts and can tell a good story in a crisp, factual based way.  They are not biased and have no passion in their words.  We all may be able to write in this category or at least that’s my guess.

Okay, now onto the third type.  This is the, “I’m going to write a novel someday!”, or “I’m writing a novel!”, type of writers.  They are the ones who come up with the great plans, write the blogs on how to write a book like they are experts, etc.   They’re usually complaining about how hard it is to write a book and have ‘goals’.  They plan to write for X amount of time a day or produce a set word count each month.  Writing shouldn’t be that hard or schedulized (made that up lol).  So let’s call these people, ‘The research writers’ or the ‘wannabe’s’.  They babble on and on about what and how they will write their book but never seem to do it.  They’re also the ones that seem to want to give writing advice.

Then comes the regular authors, the write a book or two in their spare time, yadda, yadda, yadda, fullfill their wish of writing a book etc.

Okay…so before I go any farther, I apologize in advance for hurting any feelings with this one.  So, with that said, these are the writers whose writing sucks but they have a lot of heart. The ones who dream of making it big or think they will get better if they keep trying.  They base their stories on their favorite tv shows, books or video games.   People don’t have the heart to tell them they aren’t any good and keep telling them how great their work is instead of giving constructive critasim.  They usually attempt writing poems or short stories.  I have seen a few working on their first novel but most haven’t finished or have more than one written.  Sorry for including this category but…..

Then there’s me.  The, ‘write a novel in a month’ type.

I have a nervous personality, high anxiety, if you will.  If I start something I can’t rest until it’s done, thus the incredible amount of writing I’ve accomplished.  I am the same way in real life.  I see dirty dishes or a messy house and I’ll clean it right away or I’ll be constantly thinking about until I do.  I’m not the best seller (yet), just a day dreamer.   I could care less about deadlines or marketing, all I want to do is write.  I believe one of my fellow blogger friends also fits in this category.  You know who you are 😉

So did I leave anyone out?  If I did, feel free to tell me about yourself in the comment section.  I’d love to see some of the categories ya’ll come up with.


2 responses

  1. I’m a regular writer. I don’t agree that the poets are the most common. Poetry is something rarefied. It’s rare to come across really good poetry. Good luck with your writing.

    October 18, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    • I didn’t say they were all good at it, that’s just what ‘kind’ of writing I commonly see.

      October 19, 2012 at 5:30 am

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