Ah!! Fish Flies!!

Just wanted to share some pictures from home that show a BIG reason why living by the river sucks this time of year.

Fish flies!!  Ick!  I hate these things!  They get so bad around here it’s like driving on icy roads and people shovel them up like they were a mini snow storm.  They stick to your car and everything else outside.  And did I say they stink like dead fish?  Ick…

Here’s some pictures from last Saturday….



9 thoughts on “Ah!! Fish Flies!!

    • They don’t have mouths so they can’t bite so it might be hard to write a horror book about them. If it inspires anyone they should write a short about it. That’d be interesting. I do admit though, it is hilarious driving around during bar time and watching all the girls get them stuck in their hair. People are stupid going outside when they’re swarming. They live for a day and then die so I guess we only have a few nights a year we have to deal with them. But still….it is like a horror story, especially if you hate bugs.

  1. Oh my! Those pictures are just… just… something! I wouldn’t believe how many there were if it weren’t for photographic proof. It is insane. Glad I don’t live by the water.

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