Awards For Me!

Even though I think I’ve received this award before, I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing someone likes my blog enough to nominate me.  I don’t do the whole nominate seven people thing though cause I don’t follow a lot of blogs so I end up always nominating the same people.  So it’s not that I don’t love ya’ll……

So thanks to M.S. Fowle, PaulaAction and easyontheeyes for the nominations!  Much love to you ladies! Now that I’ve been stalking smashwords and putting some of my older books on there, I’m going to download M.S.‘s story because I’ve been meaning to.  So to keep me from going nuts over reading what I currently am, aka, doing another edit on the first Christian’s Kisses,  I will check out her stories.  I love all of Paula‘s posts and probably could say I’m a Paula blogstalker.  She always makes me feel important as a writer, something that is hard for me to see sometimes.  Thanks for all the support Paula!  As for easyonetheeyes, they can gladly review my books anyday 😉

Seven random things about me

1. I’m very forgetful and can never remember anyone’s names.

2. My favorite color is blue

3.  My favorite bands are Darkest Days and Linkin Park

4. I know the words to all the songs from Thomas and sing them about ten or more times a day with my son.  “Go go Thomas!  Thomas is number one.”  (I’m a good singer too by the way ;))

5. I’m a terrible housekeeper.  I clean but I don’t clean clean lol

6.  My best friend nicknamed me Prostahoe

7. I still play FF9 and it’s my absolute favorite game of all time.  I like to watch the ending on utube when I feel a down because it always makes me smile 😉


4 thoughts on “Awards For Me!

  1. ohhhh my very own blogstalker I feel like I should have you a special t-shirt made lol maybe we need to start a mutual stalking society hhehehe but seriously you get the awards because you deserve them 🙂

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