I just finished my Current WIP!!  Yea!  Go me!  Come on…celebrate with me so I don’t have to do it by myself.  Come on, I know you wanna 😉


So….here’s the specs.

My current WIP is now titled, Christian’s Kisses:  The Seed of The Master and the original Christian’s Kisses, is now titled; Christian’s Kisses:  Initation.  It ended at about 61k but I have a feeling it will get longer in editing.

My love for you fuels the sun, the light that illuminates all that is beautiful.



Here is a summary of the story for those who are interested…

Madly in love with the beautiful wife of the master vampire, Christian Vallore, Monroe will do anything to save her from the murderous lifestyle she leds as a vampire.  He kidnaps her and tries to make her forget the man who made her into what she is now, the man she loves.  By using an experimental drug that suppresses her vampire instincts and makes her appear human, he tries to give her a new life free of vampires.  But the beloved of the master will not go unmissed and soon Master Vallore will seek out his wife and the man who has taken her from him.


13 thoughts on “Finished!!

    • Thanks. It was easier this time to come up with one than when I thought of an original title. I wasn’t sure about the title, “Christian’s Kisses”, but now I love it and wouldn’t change it. It’s so easy to refer to the phrase a few times in the book as well.

  1. Congrats! That’s very exciting!
    It looks like a good read from your summary as well. I’ll be on the look out for this in the future.

    • Thanks! I’ll make sure it makes it somewhere in published form, whether it be self published or by a traditional publisher. This series has gotten a lot of love so I’m hoping it will be a hit! Hee hee. I’ve posted the first few chapters already because I couldn’t resist sharing. I have a few wp followers who loved the first one and can’t wait to read this one as well and since they give such great feedback I couldn’t resist….

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