Uh oh…


I guess I lied.

I slipped up again but don’t tell my Obsessive Writer’s Anonymous Group.  They’ll take my laptop away and break my fingers.

I started writing another book.  Actually I never fully ‘stopped’ thinking about writing a new one, I just was avoiding it.  Now I’m afraid I might be getting caught up with the write-itus again (my son calls everything something-itus because of the Doc McStuffins show).

I probably should wait a little bit before posting any excerpts from it despite my excitement.  So in Heidi time that’s……probably a day.  I can’t wait for things, I’m terribly impulsive and a non-waiter.

Anyway…..so with that off my chest I take a big sigh.  Please pray for me.  I need to stop writing obsessively.


10 thoughts on “Uh oh…

  1. I wish I could write as much as you mine seems to be taking forever but then i get so easily distracted like the fact I am just in the middle of setting up my bad guy for his demise and I end up here reading your blog lmao

        • 200 pages? What’s your goal WC or do you not have one? I never have a goal, I just ramble ha ha. I envy that trait in other people’s writing, to plan I mean. I can never reach a goal if I set one as you have. I hope those six chapters come quick for you!

          • am expecting it to probably hit around the 350 page mark by the time I finish next draft have been so busy getting the story line and plot sorted that quite a few descriptive passages require some attention. Having never done this before I have no idea how many pages a novel should be lol or how many words is there a standard? maybe i should look into that lol

            • Publishers look at WC, not page numbers. I didn’t know that until someone told me either. For example my longest novel is 296 actual pages (that’s in Word) and it’s 141k. See the difference? WC is a more accurate way to judge the size of a novel. Page count vaires depending on the font, spacing, etc that you use.

                • I think to be considered a novel has to be 70k+. It varies between publishers, you’ll just have to check that stuff out in the submission guidelines.

  2. Write write write! That’s all we can do.
    And my son loves Doc McStuffins, too. I think my husband thinks its a “girl’s show”, but I could care less so long as it’s educational is some way.

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