Thank You!!

I have been nominated for the Versatile blogger award thrice in the past few days!  Wow!  I must be awesome or something.  So…even though I have already won this award, I am thankful for the nominations and want to make sure I give thanks to the lovely ladies that nominated me.

Why?  Because they are awesome 😉

Thank you, Life Worth Living, Paula Action and M.S. Fowle!!  Please check out their sites and give them some love!


And because I feel so loved, I’m sure you stalkers want to know more about me so…

1.) The most important person in my life is my son.

2.) I make up new words all the time and people will use them.  I’m a trendsetter.  Like for real…

3.) Never ask me to cook anything unless you have a backup dinner planned.

4.)  I’m the person that corrects signs that are spelled wrong in public places with a pencil/pen or just to stir up trouble.  I also draw in magazines.  Ha ha…

5.) My talent in art is as great as my talent in writing.  I can immortalize you in stone for a good price.

6.) I own a hunting dog, Rocky, who will retrieve or sniff out anything.  We love to toss a stick in a huge pile and see if he can find the same exact one and he always does.

7.) I’m addicted to Pepsi, facebook and now wordpress.


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