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Book Review: Collection Two

Collection Two has two stories in one book.

Aleesia, a feisty young cat demon who masquerades as a human and struggles to keep her demon blood a secret from her longtime human boyfriend, a prestigious general of the Sargon. Everything is going smooth until she accidentally gets involved with the demon prince, Auron, who hates humans. Joined by her older brother James, who struggles to keep his little sister out of trouble, the pair find themselves thrown into a war between Delvin, the demon nation and Sargon. Aleesia’s boldness gets her into a lot of trouble and never fails to make James’ life more miserable by the minute.


I thought it was funny how Auron gets jealous because he thinks Aleesia is in love with Andrew and for half the story I thought they were two different people.

It really surprised me to find out that Auron had killed Andrew in the beginning. But I was happy because I like Auron better than Andrew. Then it was hilarious when Aleesia finds out Auron’s been lying to her and he shows up out of nowhere all angry that she found out.

I thought it was cool when they found out that Beth was a demon as well and then at the end of the book Aleesia tricks her into going to the ceremony.

I liked the part where James is talking to Auron and explaining to him that Aleesia fell in love with him and not Andrew and that he was really just a pawn for her parents shop. All in all it was a great story and great ending.

Although when they started going to war, in my head I kept thinking that Auron was going to die in war somehow and leave Aleesia all alone and pregnant.


Andrew: full of himself and thinks he’s important because he’s a General
Auron as Andrew: very playful and loving towards Aleesia but tends to be grouchy all the time when he’s dealing with work.
Aleesia: fun-loving girl who is very independent and learns from Auron how to be a loving wife but she still likes to start fights lol.
Matt: new guard who got promoted and tries to act tough but is intimidated by Andrew.
Stacey: Matt’s younger sister who gets along well with Aleesia and they go riding together. Then she gets promoted as Alessia’s assistant.
Auron: a little rough which in return makes Aleesia happy and she likes this Auron better than him as Andrew. Wants to win the war against the humans.
James: protective of Aleesia and is a little wimp when it comes to Auron because he’s scared of him.
Beth: sweet loving wife and mother figure towards Aleesia. She’s hiding that she’s really a Rabbian and James and her have no idea about each other’s secret.
Jenna: cares for Aleesia and is always concerned about her well-being even though she’s younger than her. she’s always afraid of Aleesia getting in trouble.
Afran: very protective of Aleesia and wants her to marry a demon and thinks of James as a disgrace to the family until he finds out Beth is a Rabbian.
Georgette: very loving towards her children and just wants them to be happy.
Callie: grandmother and always wants to introduce Aleesia to demons so she can be married off to one.
Reese: sower one and very grumpy. he doesn’t believe it when Aleesia tells them she’s engaged to Auron the prince.
King Suman: wants Aleesia to have children and tries to put his input in all the time including telling Aleesia’s parents that they needn’t be concerned with Aleesia’s welfare anymore.
Queen Vera: happy that her son is finally getting married and a shy one towards others.
Chased down by love struck male demons while working at a concert, Athena quickly realizes that her scent is very appealing to them. She finds out later that she’s adopted and really a triple A demon maiden, the highest and most sought after class of demons. Her high status lands her in the hands of King Caspian, who wants to make her a bride for one of his ten sons. The shy Athena struggles to deal with her newfound charm and to win the heart of the troublesome prince Sparta.
I hated how mean the summoners were and how they kept trying to kidnap Athena including taking her baby. I get sad when reading or watching things like that because it makes me think of my own son and how I would go crazy if anyone ever tried to hurt him.
I thought Nikolai was going to end up being sweet towards her but then I found out he was just using her but at the same time in his own special way he loved her.
Bella made me mad too with her stuck up attitude and I was so happy when Sparta picked Athena to be his bride over Bella.
Then Nikolai had to go and lie to Athena saying that Bella was married to Sparta now.
Sparta was my favorite though and I felt bad about Bryon because he was so sweet but his father never thought he was good enough for a bride and everyone treated him like a little kid. I think it was messed up though that the King was willing to let Bryon marry Athena but didn’t think he was good enough for Bella.
It was a cute story and I loved the ending when the family got back together. Think it’s kind of sad though that she meets her old family and then they have to kidnap her to have a relationship.
Mathias: finds Athena and brings her to King Caspian as a prize for him and one of his sons.
Athena: clumsy shy girl who hates being the center of attention but wants to be liked by everyone and is very sweet.
Prince Sparta: strong handsome flirt who is used to getting his own way and then meets Athena who is a surprise to him. Also has a temper
Prince Bryon: sweet boy who wants a bride but is belittled by his brothers and father because he’s one of the youngest.
King Caspian: friendly guy who wants what’s best for his sons and has a temper when need be.
Prince Caspian: likes to start trouble and is always trying to fight with Sparta over things he does.
Queen Ellie: very loving and caring towards everyone but has authority where she sees fit.
Bella: stuck up triple A demon who thinks she’s going to marry prince Sparta and that Athena is beneath her.
John: a famous demonite hunter whose good friends with Sparta.
Slash: another one of Sparta’s good friends.
Lord Cazor/Mason: leader of the clan and very mean and angry man who kidnaps Athena and later comes after her and her son again and tries to make her stay away from the royal family.
Victor: Athena’s father who also is against her being with a warrior demon and is apart of the kidnap process to take her back home.
Lady Kara: Athena’s grandmother who is a lovely woman and missed her very much.
Marigold: Athena’s mother who was very emotional through the whole process and did not come to see Athena at the castle.
Spencer: Athena’s grandfather who wants Nikolai to teach Athena the ways of summoning.
Nikolai: a high summoner who teaches Athena the ways of summoning and then betrays her behind her back. also tries to marry her and make her forget about Sparta.
Written by: H.N. Sieverding

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  1. Great pictures.

    February 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

  2. TheOthers1

    The pictures are gorgeous!

    February 20, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    • I like the first one the best I think

      February 20, 2012 at 6:24 pm

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