Did you seriously just ask me that?!

Has anyone made a comment about your writing/book that left you scratching your head or made you fume?


Here’s a list of the worst questions/suggestions people have given me about my books. Keep in mind these are not from people who have read an entire book of mine but just a chapter or two or just glanced a the cover.

  • About Armaggedon’s Angel:  Is this a book about spirituality?
  • About Armaggedon’s Angel:  Zohren seems really racist.  He’s mean.  You should make him nice.
  • About The Bloodlust Prince:  You should try to come up with an orginal idea instead of copying Stephanie Meyer.  Find an original story idea about vampires.  (Okay….there are no vampires in the book but thanks!)
  • About The Bloodlust Prince:  This book is very violent, I don’t like it.
  • Carter’s Curse:  These characters are horrible people.  No one wants to read about them, they are very offensive.
  • Carter’s Curse: These people would never be friends in real life, they all hate each other.
  • The Firebirds:  Where are the Firebirds in this book?  I only see people in this passage.  (The Firebirds are angels, not birds)


Stupid questions I’ve been asked about my books or myself as a writer. 

  • >You write fantasy so you like to make stuff up about people?
  • >What’s a fantasy novel?
  • >How do you think up all these titles?
  • >How do you a write book?
  • >How do you have time to write a book?
  • >You can write a book?  I didn’t take you as that kind of person.
  • >Wow, you wrote a book.  You must be smart.
  • >Is your book good?


Questions I have no idea how to answer.

  • What author’s writing style is most like your own?  (Umm…my own??)
  • What are you doing still working here if you’re written books?  You should be rich by now, right? (No, I’m not that awesome…yet.)
  • Where did you come up with the idea for this book/character? (I can’t remember exactly but it came to me when I was folding the laundry…I think.)
  • What’s your ‘goal’ as a writer?  (To write?)

Has anyone ever asked you a dumb question about your writing/book?  If so please share…


21 thoughts on “Did you seriously just ask me that?!

  1. you have to trust in the strength of your own work – i think you know that though – some of the questions you’ve been asked cracked me up tho – keep it up

  2. Oh, yes. On a section of my epic fantasy novel depicting a battle, complete with swords, bows and horses: “I’m not certain that I could determine whether this is based on a true story, if it’s supposed to be during the Viet Nam conflict, or the time period in which it occurred.”

    Must have been all those helicopters I added at the last minute.

  3. Loo. That second picture cracked me up. I’ve never been asked questions about my writing ever. Either I’m not interesting or I’m just not running into these people. The question about style totally made me laugh.

  4. I can’t wait for people to start asking me stupid questions. At least then I’ll know they’re at least semi-interested in what I’m doing.

    From family I get the usual, “What made you want to write a book?”
    It’s hard to explain the whole thing about stories and characters bombarding my thoughts to point I’m sure my head will explode unless I get it down on paper.

    “Normies” just don’t get us. But as long as they buy our books, they’re okay.

    • I feel ya on that one. Normies don’t get the passion we writers have to write. It seems only other writers understand. Good reason for us to stick together.

  5. Not dumb questions, but hard ones like “what do you like to write?” Uh…everything? (sorry not fantasy) Non-fiction, fiction, curriculum, kid’s books, Bible studies, poetry (when the poems come upon me)…the list seems endless. I’m trying to learn to focus on just one area right now and leave the other projects for “later.” I can
    imagine that as a writer of fantasy, you receive more crazy questions as people don’t always get the intriguing way you weave tales. But even if people don’t get it, keep it up. I have a friend who writes fantasy and has a great blog for learning the craft of writing. You might check her site out http://www.livewritethrive.com

  6. The one I’ve been asked several times is, “What made you want to write?” Like I got up one morning and decided I wanted to slave over how to arrange my thoughts on paper. It is not a choice we make…it is who we are.

    Be encouraged!

  7. First of all, let me say that I LOVE your blog! The one question that I was asked and found utterly stupid, was ‘Why do you write? Chances of being published are so low, you shouldn’t even bother.’
    How stupid is that?

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion! And I agree that comment IS stupid! I’ve heard similar ones and it makes me angry too! They don’t understand that we write for US and getting published is just a perk.

      • Exactly! It’s about the joy of creating, not about getting rich by publishing the next bestseller. In my case publishing is unattainable, as I don’t write in the language of the country I live, but I still write and will write. I can’t imagine my life without it 🙂

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